Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescription Ordering is Changing

If you take regular medication then you need to order repeat prescription. From 1.5.2018 onwards we will only accept medication requests direct from you and your carer. Pharmacy will no longer able to order your medication.

  • Only order what you need
  • Do not share medication

Ways to order your prescription:-

  • On-line via practice website - (if you have not registred please do, you can make/cancel appoinmtent and more ). 
  • By completing a request form (right hand side of the prescription) and  dropping in the repeat prescription box situated in the reception) or send us by post
  • Telephone practice on

Register for online services by visiting

Please allow 48 hours between ordering a prscription and collecting it. 

Order Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is Live at the practice.
Prescription will be transferred/sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. Please sign up/nominate your choice of pharmacy. 
If you are on warfarin, please let us know what dose you are taking as well as date and value of last INR check.
If you are on 6 monthly repeat prescriptions then please make an appointment with the doctor before finishing your 6th  month. Please note These scripts cannot be issued by the reception staff
For minor ailments visit local pharmacy (please see our health advice section). for pharmacy opening time  around preston area visit: